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Divine Light School

Divine Light School has been established by Bal Gopal VikasEvamShikshaSamiti, Jagjeetpur in 2006 to satisfy the requirements of children of surrounding area. Mission of this institution is to prepare the children on every aspect of life, so that they may face the challenges of life on every moment. We are firm determined to mould young minds for patriotic, social & ethical values. We are committed to create a niche in the field of education in the region & we hope the school will step ahead on the path of the progress.

The School campus is easily accessible from both Singhdwar&GurukulKangriVishwa- Vidhayalaya by road about 1km. It is situated on Jagjeetpur-Jamalpur link road near football stadium in Jagjeetpur,Hardwar.

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Vision & Mission

Our primary duty is to inculcate positive virtues like courage, vitality, sensitiveness ...

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Aim & Objectives

To develop the qualities of leadership with a sense of duty & discipline to authority ...

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Affiliation & Association

The school will provide conveyance on specified routes, This facility is not compulsory ...

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Admission Enquiry

If you have any enquiry related to our school then feel free to contact via mail.

Why chose us

Divine Light School focuses on the need for inter-dependence and social skills to allow faculty and students to live together in harmony, acknowledging the needs of others in a more or less protected setting.

Vibrant Campus

On visiting the school, one is stuck by the lush green campus, the architectural beauty and soothing ambience.

Books & Library

Our curriculum provides the platform for learning which ensures continuity and progression, rigorous assessment and a strong focus on skills development and critical thinking

Certified Teachers

An ideal Teacher-Student ratio (1:15) ensures that each student gets personal attention.